Clang Analytics


Clang Analytics

Clang introduces Clang Analytics! In this new module available in Clang, you can view your email results in real time and at a glance. You can set up the dashboard yourself with a variety of widgets, including graphs, tables, diagrams and exact numbers. Want to look at results from today, yesterday, last week, the past month or a specific period? It's all possible with Clang Analytics!

Your dashboard in Clang Analytics is fully customizable. For example, you can create widgets for, among other things, the number of e-mails, bounces, CTR and CTO delivered from a specific mailing. But you can also measure certain conversion actions such as completing a purchase or completing a form by adding checkpoints in your campaigns.

The Pros of Clang Analytics

You can create multiple dashboards

Do you want to gain insight into multiple campaigns or mailing types? Then create multiple dashboards so that you can easily monitor individual campaigns and mailings.

Your results at a glance

The dashboard widgets give you a visual overview into the results of your campaigns and mailings.

Benchmark your results

Create dashboards for certain campaigns or mailing types and gain insight into how it's trending and results of a specific mailing compared to the total number of mailings.

Save time

Because the results of your mailings appear on your dashboard in real time, you no longer have to go hunting through reports for your results. Which means that it will take you a lot less time to analyze your results.

To be continued

The first version of Clang Analytics is live, but just as you've come to expect from us, we will continue to develop this new module. We have big ambitions and we want to do so much more. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know via the feedback button in Clang!

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